Fur for sale

*need to clean out my closet of some fur not in use to get some I need*


Easily 2 yrds I belive --- offor price


less than yard maby at most yard (sorry no measuring stick handy kids)---- Make offor

Mouse / wolf Grey fur


2-5 yards --- make offor

Help with a Duct Tape Dummy

While I know there are several toutorials out there on how to make a DTD, I have a special situation I don't think they have ever covered. I am planning on making a female suit simmilar to roxikat but not in spandex and she will be an equine. I am wondering how I shouldmaek the Dummy, or should I make two different dummies, one with and one without the boobs. If you wish to leave a reply you can post itCollapse ) Thank you in advance for your assistance, also any advice on matereal for horse hide would be appreciated too.
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Keeping Cool

Hey guys. This question isn't technically fursuit making related but, it does have to do with them.

I was wondering how you stay cool in your suits. I know that a few people have cool vests but, I'm on a low budget and those things can be expensive. If anyone has some information or ideas I'd really appreciate it. I'm trying to get everything together for Halloween.
I'm certified :D

Needing fur

Hello everyone, me and my bf are going to start trying our paws at making fursuit items. But I'm at a loss. Where to get the fur. we tried local stores but its slim pickings.. And I don't want to go buying shotty fur that I don't like. I am requiring you for this task!

Tell me your past suppliers and the quality of fur that you bought. websites is a must. When we start getting a knack for it I may just required you with a free item or two
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Hello, some TAIL Help?

Hello and I am completely knew to Livejournal and don't know how to use this too well so if anyone could help me with that, in general that will be great. xD

I am a Gabu hybrid that got his paws on a 6-8ft by 4-5ft

and want to make tails, don't know if this is the place for this but any help cause I already messed up what I need to do and no one seems to want to help me

Any help will be appreciated, mind you very minimal knowledge of sewing and stuff...So yea....

my FA is here www.furaffinity.net/user/lonelygabu

Any help will be appreciated

Gabu <3
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unique edit for a tail

Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas how i would incorperate a roll on plastic wrap/cling film into a tail so that the plastic would come out the side of my tail.

I was maybe thinking of sticking a thin wooden rod down the tail from the base to the tip that way. The thing in thinking the most about is how do i do the slit the wrpa goes into? Best to make more of less a cloth bag for it to be held inside the tail?

would really like some help on this ^,,^
Many thanks

Cross poses to fursuit

redoing my fursuit

OK, my fursuit is wonderful as is, but everyone things the fact the person who made it used Hot glue rather than sewing it together was generally a bad ides, so my question is this, if I want to sew it together, I have to get the glue out of the fur, how would you suggest that?


i am a bit lost with colors. I am all black with green eyes and white chest fur and a white mark on my muzzle. but i was tolled that it would be hard to make it look cute and soft and the kind of suit you want to run up to and hug all day long. called a black hole. that is what i was tolled. can anyone give me
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