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Fursuit construction help
unique edit for a tail 
20th-Aug-2008 10:38 pm
Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas how i would incorperate a roll on plastic wrap/cling film into a tail so that the plastic would come out the side of my tail.

I was maybe thinking of sticking a thin wooden rod down the tail from the base to the tip that way. The thing in thinking the most about is how do i do the slit the wrpa goes into? Best to make more of less a cloth bag for it to be held inside the tail?

would really like some help on this ^,,^
Many thanks

Cross poses to fursuit
28th-Aug-2008 05:08 pm (UTC)

I would make the tail with a hidden pocket and just keep the wrap in the box. That way it would stay in place and you'd be able to tear peices off if nessary no to mention the wrap already puls out nicly when in the box. Just leaving it as wrap on a rod would'd save much room since they box then rather tightly anyways. Also if you over extend your use you can easily refil your tail with out much hassel this way.
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