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Fursuit construction help
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Help with fursuit construction
So, you want to make a fursuit, eh?
Need some help, eh?

Ask your questions here. This community is for more experienced suit makers to help out those who are just getting into fursuit making, and also for anyone to ask for constructive criticism about their finished or in-progress work. Basically, we're all about improvement.

1. Be civil. That means no trolling or flame wars, and no personal attacks. Lulz are fine, but must be backed up by something on topic.
2. No whining, begging, pouting or otherwise irritating idiotic behaviour. We're here to give you help, not handouts.
3. Be honest. If it looks like a toilet brush, say so. Backpatting for obviously terrible and rushed work belongs elsewhere.
4. Think before you post. Do you REALLY need help at this stage, or do you just need to re-pin those seams? Multiple posts per day are fine, as long as each one contains new, valid and DIFFERENT content. Editing posts is a good thing to show you're learning.
5. Be prepared for honesty. There's no sugar-coating in this part of town, punches will not be pulled. Getting defensive and leaving in a huff when people are just trying to help you improve will only result in lulz.
6. Try to be mindful of people's experience level when commenting. Almost everyone's first head looks pitiful and there's plenty of room for comments there, but even the most experienced amongst us want constructive crit, and sometimes even newbies can spot where things can be improved. So, don't get huffy.
7. Post your own work. Only your own work.

Also - this is about improving construction methods and the look of the overall suit - please don't ask for people to sell you materials and such unless you've got a really good reason for asking in this community. Go to fursuitauctions or fursuit_trades for that.

Now, stuff that's ok to post:

-Photos of finished work. You'll get constructive criticism on these. A lot of times other people spot glaring errors that you could have worked on for months and missed.
-Guides and Tutorials. Always a nice thing to see. How do YOU do things that's different from the way other people do things? Good way to get crits on your methods whilst helping out the newer suiters.
-In-progress shots. You'll get crit on these, and answers to questions if those answers exist.
-Links to really helpful sites.

So, that about does it - onward then!